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In OX App Suite Server Installation for Dummies you can read how to quickly install OX App Suite in a well prepared Debian Jessie Vagrant image. This is nice to quickly get a system in a virtual machine up and running, but in case you prefer to install and configure the OX App Suite system requirements in your own machine, here is a simplified version of the script that I used to prepare the Vagrant image:

Please note that the script simply assumes that dovecot and postfix haven’t been configured before. An old /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf will simply be overwritten, and some stuff will blindly be appended to the /etc/postfix/

After running the installation script from above, reboot the machine or restart the services for postfix and mysql.

If you want to test this in a fresh vanilla Debian Jessie Vagrant VM, you can simply get one by doing more or less the same steps as described in the previous article:

  • run “vagrant init oxdev/debian-jessie-x64
  • In the same directory, create a file with the content from above
  • run “vagrant up
  • run “vagrant ssh
  • run “sudo /vagrant/

Now you have basically the same like when using the Vagrant image oxdev/oxappsuite-base, just that the scripts for installing and configuring OX App Suite are missing.

Vagrant will automatically mount the root folder of your Vagrant project to /vagrant, so copy all other scripts that you want to access there. For example, copy the OX App Suite installation scripts from the oxdev/oxappsuite-base VM. They are all located in /home/vagrant.

Disclaimer: The script above is for demonstration purpose only. For a production system, make sure to use secure passwords and configurations.